Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New curtains for problem windows

*Pictures coming tonight*

Curtains aren't usually on your mind when you are remodeling a house, moving rooms, taking out walls, and so forth. But they should be. In our bedroom we have two giant windows that are placed in the very corners of the room- that's where they were when we moved in. In my opinion, dumb planning because it is a very long room and the wall had ample space to put windows in normal places, like a foot or two away from the perpendicular wall. Anyway, that's what we had to work with, but what I didn't realize is that curtain rods won't fit on such windows.

Now that people have moved in next-door and the people behind us built an extra floor or two on their house, our bedroom windows are more of a display case these days. I finally gave in to societal norms and went on a quest for curtains. There are wire "rods" available these days that take up very little room and would fit the space. However, we had already used that method in two other rooms, plus the wires begin to sag after awhile which is annoying. I came up with a very cheap system, compliments of the hardware store. Six washers and some giant tacks. Then I went to the fabric store and bought some white material to make my patented curtain square i.e. just hem four sides of a square. I measured two squares per window (rectangles if you want to get technical) and then hand sewed the washers onto the top of the curtain. The washers then hung on the tacks that I nailed into the top of the molding. When I want the curtains open I can bundle the washes onto the corner tacks, or I can role the curtains- the look is a bit reminiscent of Hasidic sideburns, but very compact. When I want the curtains closed, I just hang each washer on its individual tack.

Cheap and effective. I may try to spruce them up a bit, perhaps two washers per “loop” making the curtains dangle a bit more. But for now, the neighbors will no longer be blinded by my frighteningly white belly after a shower!

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  1. Oh!! It is really easy and effective way for home improvement!! I will try this!!