Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New mural for the guest room

I do have an aversion to white walls. Perhaps to many apartments that I wasn't allowed to paint of hang up stuff, or maybe just an urge to mess up clean surfaces- who knows. This mural is in the same room as the star closet doors. I felt an overly themed-geometrical-pattern look would make people come back for another visit. Grandparents can never get enough circles, right? To make the pattern I measured and sketched out the circles using a tape measure for the lines, a level, and a circle that I cut out of manilla envelope. I played with the size of the circle for awhile trying to get the proportions with the wall right. I erred on the small side because I knew I could always make the circles bigger- but in the end stuck with the small size. I drew everything with a pencil and had to erase a line. I found windex got pencil off splendidly. Everything was painted free hand with interior paint. Come on over and stay a night!

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