Friday, July 3, 2009

Starring brand new closet doors!

I made these with the help of my husband and a friendly guy at home depot. We needed new closet doors for the guest bedroom because there where none when we moved in. Looking at closet doors was depressing, everything screamed cheap apartment. There were some expensive frosted glass ones that seemed ok, but not worth their price. So, while standing in the aisle at home depot trying to decide what to do and listening to my husband attempt to wrangle our children three aisles over, I asked for help. The employee walking by explained that these were all of the pre-made options, could I not find what I wanted? When I gave him a defeated shrug of the shoulders, and mumbbled "but they're all so boring" he suggested that maybe I could make my own. He had made closet doors himself, all you needed was two flat pieces of plywood and a door hanging set which could be found on aisle 14. I grabbed my husband and children, and hit the big wood aisle. We also got the big rollie cart for the wood, much to the delight of our kids. We picked out two of the flattest pieces we could find and then had them cut the wood there. If you do this project, make sure you have the wood cut like an inch and half or two smaller than the opening because the hanging kit and runners take up some space. Don't forget to grab two handles for the doors when you're there!
I laid the wood out in the garage and painted it grey, two coats. Then I had painted the stars- they are by no means symmetric or even, but that was the look I wanted. Christian did the hanging part and poof, now we have closet doors!

Ok, not exactly poof, when we went to hang them, our doors were too tall- I hadn't subtracted the 2 inches. When then made a fieldtrip to a friend's house and cut off the extra using their table saw. Pain in the ass, but then, poof- we had closet doors!

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