Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The original doors out to the back were sliding glass doors, and only a three foot opening lead outside. There was a small set of three concrete steps one the left side. The right side of the doors look directly at two giant air compressors for the air conditioning units. It was the stupidest, ugliest location I could imagine. No matter how nice the back yard was, your eye would always be drawn to these hideous contraptions.

With the new doors, Geoff built a 12 foot little deck and step. The deck part is about 30 inches wide and there are two steps. The air conditioning compressors were moved to the left of the step and you cannot see them from the dining area anymore.

We picked up the flag stones from the large center portion of the back and used them to make a dining area on the right side of the yard. We placed recycled plastic mats on the center part. We chose plastic mats over dirt so that the kids would have a softish surface to fall on. The left side of the yard has an orange tree. Under the tree we made a wood pallet and put a water table on top. The back slope is not irrigated at this time, so we sit back and watch the war between ivy, morning glories and grass. One day I'll try to tame the beast, but right now I'm just happy if the slope is green.

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