Monday, January 12, 2009

the front balcony

The original house was built in the 1940's as a typical bungalow- two bedroom one bath. The guy who built it chose a shady shop at the bottom of a hill. The front of the house overlooks an intersection. In 1970 the same person who built the house added a room above the garage which boosted a 12 ft wood and beam ceiling and a balcony overlooking the street. In 1996 a later owner built another addition on three bedrooms and a bathroom on top of the original house. I imagine the family responsible for the 1996 remodel consisted of three factions that hated each other and the rest of the world. The flow of the house was more reminescent of a vaguely run down apartment building with three apartments, than a single family home. They closed in the balcony giving the whole house a prison like effect.

I have also learned that if you buy an ugly house that was formerly inhabited by people who fought with their neighbors, you become instantly popular simply by acting normal. I love it when the bar is low.

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