Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Master Bathroom

The original bathroom could be entered via the stairway from the living room or through the master bedroom. We changed the landing form the stairway into a W.C., removed the scary built in jacuzzi tub circa 1983, the stand up shower stall that was located near the tiny window, and the double sink. Because there was ample space between the kitchen ceiling below and the bathroom floor, moving plumbing around wasn't a big deal. I replaced the jacuzzi with a free standing acrylic tub ($1800), and designed a tiled shower stall using extremely cheap porcelain Dal tiles. The blue tiles behind the tub are hand made and that lot cost about $1000. The sink and sink base are from Kohler and cost $1000- I was surprised by how much sinks ans sink bases went for. The floor tile is also Dal and very cheap. The toilet is made by Toto and around $200. Geoff reframed the big window and installed the vanity. He also built the shower wall and the W.C. And I'm sure he did lots of other stuff I can't remember right now. He subcontracted the plumbing, the tiles, and the electric. The plumbing may not be the best, but the tile and electric guys seemed on top of their game.


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  2. the W.C. was Karen's idea and worked out great!